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College of Health and Human Services

I have submitted a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to UNC Charlotte. (You must complete a FAFSA to be eligible for the Scholarship.)

I am receiving tuition reimbursement through an employer, the VA, or another program. 

I am a North Carolina resident for tuition purposes.

I plan to attend UNC Charlotte as a full time student in 2018-19. (Full time graduate students take 9 or more graduate credit hours in Fall semester and Spring semester or 6 or more graduate credit hours in summer session.)

I graduated from a high school with SAT scores that were below my state‚Äôs average.  You can google for an estimate or use the link below. (If the link does not work from here, copy and paste it into your browser).

I graduated from a high school where at least 30% of enrolled students are eligible for free or reduced lunch.

I graduated from a school district where fewer than 25% of graduates go to community college, college, or university after graduation. 

I currently receive public assistance (i.e., Food Stamps, Medicaid, Work First, housing assistance, child care assistance) to support my family/household.

My undergraduate degree is from a Historically Black College or University, an institution that primarily serves Native Americans, or a university where the student body was more than 30% ethnic or racial minority.

My family's first, or primary, language is not English.

The highest education level of my most educated parent is:

My household income as reported on my FAFSA is:

I self-identify as: 

I self-identify as:

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